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Blog: Alcohol Free beverages News

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What is alcohol intolerance?Blue Dolphin
29 September, 2023

What is alcohol intolerance?

You may have an intolerance to alcohol and not even know it. How many times have you heard "One for the road", or "come on, don't be a killjoy, just…
Imagine alcohol-free gin ItalyBlue Dolphin
10 September, 2023

Non-alcoholic spirits for an “Italian-style” after-dinner chat

Italy is the land of pizza, Provolone and love. But it is also the birthplace of the Martini, Aperol and Amaro. We are referring, of course, to the non-alcoholic Martini,…
benefits of not drinking alcoholBlue Dolphin
29 August, 2023

Benefits of giving up alcohol. What do you gain when you giving up alcohol?

It is common knowledge that alcohol is harmful and that giving it up has many benefits. The WHO reiterates this in all its documents, but at The Blue Dolphin Store…

Your premium non-alcoholic drinks store

The Blue Dolphin Store is the first online alcohol-free drink store that offers all categories on one website. We have the best premium dealcoholized drinks on the market, innovative and delicious. We are your trusted online shop to buy non-alcoholic drinks.

Buy non-alcoholic drinks is in fashion

There are many reasons to stop drinking alcohol – health, diet, family, etc. – and more and more people are joining the alcohol-free movement. There is nothing better than enjoying an adult alcohol-free drink, with nuances, and avoiding all the downsides of alcohol. On our website, you have all the information to find out which non-alcoholic drinks are less fattening, or how to prepare non-alcoholic drinks. Discover all the options in our online non-alcoholic beverage store.

Do non-alcoholic drinks have alcohol? It depends on the drink, but in any case, it is residual alcohol and always less than 1%. On the product page, we indicate the % alcohol of each non-alcoholic drink. If you want 0.0% alcohol drinks, we recommend the page 0.0% Alcohol Drinks.

Enjoy the best alcohol-free drinks

You may not know it, but today’s non-alcoholic drinks are very well made and have an adult and sophisticated taste. Everyone has a different taste, that is why we offer premium alcohol-alcoholic drinks to suit all tastes. From non-alcoholic craft beers to the best non-alcoholic wines & sparkling wines to innovative alcohol-free spirits and alcohol-free vermouths, we have it all!

Non-alcoholic drinks for companies

More and more people ask “what non-alcoholic drink can I order at a bar?”. If you are a restaurateur or company and want to expand your customers, non-alcoholic drinks are the solution. Contact us and we will give you special conditions and prices so that you can offer these innovative drinks to your customers. We also offer alcohol-free drinks for events, corporate gifts, and much more!

We deliver alcohol-free beverages wherever you want in 48h

Buy non-alcoholic drinks easily and fast. We deliver at home in 48 hours (Spain Peninsula). We do not ship on weekends or holidays. We also make international shipments. Please contact us if your country does not appear directly on the website and we will help you.

Dare to try new experiences, on our website you are sure to find your ideal alcohol-free drink. As we always say, you don’t need alcohol to have a good time! We invite you to try them and if you have any questions we are here to help you.

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