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Discover the restaurants and bars that serve our non-alcoholic drinks

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Ipartxoco restaurant with alcohol-free drinks

Ipar Txoco

Basque Restaurant

Can Bruixa Bar with non-alcoholic drinks

Can Bruixa

Cocktail Bar

Che Che Restaurant with non-alcoholic drinks

CheChe Restaurant

Mediterranean Cuisine

Alcohol Free beverage news

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non-alcoholic wine is not fatteningBlue Dolphin
30 June, 2022

Is non-alcoholic wine fattening?

No, non-alcoholic wine doesn't make you fat, so it is perfect if you want to lose weight or keep in shape. If you've spent the months leading up to the…
guve the non-alcoholic drinks gift card from The Blue Dolphin Store Blue Dolphin
20 June, 2022

Blue Dolphin Card: An original and 0.0 gift that you will never go wrong with

Original non-alcoholic gift are looking for an original non-alcoholic gift. Because giving away alcohol, something that has always been so common, is beginning to be a sign of bad taste.…
burbujita sin alcohol-free drinks Blue Dolphin
25 May, 2022

La Burbujita Sin, a redesigned Ape Piaggio 50 that serves non-alcoholic beverages wherever you want them

For some time now, a sophisticated and fun "drinkoneta", a beautiful Ape Piaggio 50, has appeared to serve non-alcoholic beverages at any event: concerts, book presentations, team building, corporate events,…

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The Blue Dolphin Store is the first online alcohol-free drink store that offers all categories on one website. We have the best premium dealcoholized drinks on the market, innovative and delicious. We are your trusted online shop to buy non-alcoholic drinks.

Enjoy the best alcohol-free beverages

There are many reasons to stop drinking alcohol and more and more people are joining the sober movement. That’s why we offer premium non-alcoholic drinks so that everyone can enjoy sophisticated, adult beverages, whether they drink alcohol or not. From craft non-alcoholic beers, through the best non-alcoholic wines, to innovative alcohol-free spirits and alcohol-free vermouths. We have everything!

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Dare to try new experiences, on our website you are sure to find your ideal alcohol-free drink. As we always say, you don’t need alcohol to have a good time! We invite you to try them and if you have any questions we are here to help you.

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