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Ipartxoco No Alcohol

Ipar Txoco

Basque Restaurant

Can Bruixa Bar No Alcohol

Can Bruixa

Cocktail Bar

Che Che Restaurant No Alcohol

CheChe Restaurant

Mediterranean Cuisine

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alcohol-free beer menu Blue Dolphin
18 May, 2022

A menu with 0.0 beer or alcohol-free wine for a strong heart

We all know that alcohol is unhealthy no matter how little is consumed. Non-alcoholic wine has all the benefits of wine, but none of the drawbacks: it prevents heart disease,…
Sant jordi No AlcoholBarcelonaBlue DolphinLatest
21 April, 2022

5 curiosities about Saint George, and five non-alcoholic drinks to celebrate it

5 non-alcoholic drinks to toast 5 curiosities about Saint George Saint George's Day is coming, the day declared by Unesco as the International Book Day, a day that without being…
Sober Courious Blue Dolphin
4 April, 2022

Are you in for sober curiosity?

Getting together with your mates for a few beers and a football match; catching up with friends around cocktails; uncorking champagne bottles to celebrate weddings or welcoming the new year…

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