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Barcelona / April 23, 2020

Sant Jordi’s day in 2020 is not going to be like the others. But…do not be upset! The Blue Dolphin Store is here to give you a different alternative for a different Sant Jordi’s day. Nothing will stop you from celebrating this important date, escape from reality and travel the world only with your imagination, a good book and the company of our dealcoholized drinks.

Spend the day reading that book that has been on your bookshelf for a while and dare to try different drinks. Take a moment to make a toast with your loved ones with good quality and sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks. Nothing better than new and healthy experiences during this time.

From non-alcoholic cava from Win, Lussory or Zero/Zero, to Lyre’s aperitif – which includes spritz, and red and dry vermouths. We have alcohol free craft beers from Nirvana, Chula, Jade, or Brutal Brewing and the best imported beers such as Clausthaler or Krombacher. Finally, you can have a drink during the afternoon with one of our different gins (Stryyk, Lyre’s, Amplify, Sea Arch, GinLoe, Seedlip, and GinSin). There is also non-alcoholic vodka, rum and whiskey, and the sophisticated MeMento. On our website, you will find a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks to make a toast this Sant Jordi 2020.

Don’t let this day go without your special moment and celebrate Sant Jordi with your loved ones in a different way.

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