about us the blue dolphin store alcohol-free drinks

Every start
has a history

The Blue Dolphin Store is more than a premium alcohol-free drinks store born in Barcelona. It is a key moment in the lives of our founders, Ana and Pere. Because life is made up of moments and some mark us forever.

about us the blue dolphin store team

For us it was in 2015, when after a traumatic experience Ana and Pere made a decision: stop drinking alcohol. Until that moment, their relationship with alcoholic drinks was like for most of us, guided by the social agenda. A few beers, vermouth on Saturdays, a wine for dinners or the sacred Gin Tonic after a meal with friends. But that year, after an emotional earthquake, being always present and at 100% became a priority.

about us the blue dolphin store team
about us the blue dolphin store alcohol-free drinks

As they experienced the benefits of quitting alcohol, what was initially temporary became a new lifestyle, although it is not always easy to commit to your own decisions. Finding shops, bars and restaurants with adult-flavored and alcohol-free alternatives was not easy. Facing this challenge, a bigger goal appeared: to create an online store with the best references in dealcoholized beverages.

about us the blue dolphin store team
about us the blue dolphin store team
about us the blue dolphin store team

This is how The Blue Dolphin Store was born, offering a wide catalog of quality non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy without moderation. Because since life is made of moments, let’s be 100% ourselves in all of them.

To Eric, to everybody. Cheers!

about us the blue dolphin store teaml

And why Blue Dolphin?

This is another story, but we also want to tell it. A Blue Dolphin is the most 0% alcohol drink that exists. The most consumed drink in the world. And which one is it? If you go to a bar in the USA and order a Blue Dolphin, in addition to a smile from the waiter, they will serve you a refreshing, crystal clear glass of water with ice. In addition to being healthy, we propose having fun, sharing a drink or making a toast with friends through a universe of flavors and nuances without alcohol, going far beyond a glass of water. Be free, my friend.

about us the blue dolphin store alcohol-free drinks

we plant trees

in partnership with

Tree Nation logo The Blue Dolphin Store

We collaborate with Tree Nation

In The Blue Dolphin Store we are committed with the natural environment.

Tree-Nation gathers and coordinates reforestation efforts worldwide in a unique platform, enabling every citizen, company and planter to take action. A citizen solution to climate change.

For this reason, for each purchase that exceeds 100 euros we will plant trees on your behalf in one of the reforestation projects that Tree Nation has worldwide.

You will be part of the Blue Dolphin Forest and you will receive the confirmation of having helped the natural environment of the planet.

Visit our forest!