Why the Blue Dolphin?


Go to the USA, enter into a bar and ask for a Blue Dolphin. If the barman is minimally professional, he/she will laugh and will serve you a healthy and refreshing glass of water with ice.

With this attitude, fresh, healthy and fun, we created The Blue Dolphin Store. Our goal is to make quality dealcoholized drinks accessible to all kinds of people so they can enjoy without inhibitions. At home or in their favorite restaurant.

We believe in our products and we consider them a highly recommendable alternative. We want to lead the way towards a new way of having fun and rule out social prejudices about that people consuming these products are boring and outliers. If you only know how to have fun with alcohol, maybe you are the boring one.

Give it a try, enjoy and join us.

Vaso de cocktail

We collaborate with Tree Nation

In The Blue Dolphin Store we are committed with the natural environment.

Tree-Nation gathers and coordinates reforestation efforts worldwide in a unique platform, enabling every citizen, company and planter to take action. A citizen solution to climate change.

For this reason, for each purchase that exceeds 100 euros we will plant trees on your behalf in one of the reforestation projects that Tree Nation has worldwide.

You will be part of the Blue Dolphin Forest and you will receive the confirmation of having helped the natural environment of the planet.

Visit our forest!

we plant trees

in partnership with

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