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Summer is here and with it comes the high temperatures. Nothing is so appealing as a cool beer, but with the good weather and the heat also comes the moment of truth: How will those trousers you liked so much last year look on you? Is that a love handle or the dreaded beer belly? Too many beers in the pub? It depends on what type of beer you are drinking.

In this article, we explain why non-alcoholic beers are good and you will know why non-alcoholic beer does not make you fat. Enjoy one of the star non-alcoholic drinks without regrets.

Non-alcoholic beer does not make you fat

A lot of people ask us if alcohol-free beer makes you fat. At The Blue Dolphin Store we are in luck: non-alcoholic beer is not fattening. According to a study published in the scientific journal Molecules, alcohol-free beer is not only not fattening, but can actually reduce abdominal fat. It can also help to increase bone mass and reduce osteoporosis, the great enemy of women after menopause. 

This is because non-alcoholic beer contains iso-α-acids and isohumulones, the essential oils in hops that give beer its bitter taste. In the study, these hop components were shown to be very effective in reducing visceral fat. This in turn translates into a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In general, non-alcoholic beers have fewer calories than alcoholic ones, which is why they are a good option for those who want to save their lines. In addition, we have some non-alcoholic and zero-calorie beer brands such as Clausthaler Lemon, a non-alcoholic radler beer that contains 60% fewer calories than any similar drink (31 kcal/100 ml).

Benefits of non-alcoholic beer

But there are more benefits of non-alcoholic beers. Researchers have shown that the silicon found in beer is also found in non-alcoholic beer, and that it contributes to bone regeneration. The silicon it contains helps to make bones stronger and prevent osteoporosis.

So now you know, non-alcoholic beer is not only not fattening, alcohol-free beer is healthy. It has all the advantages of beer and none of the disadvantages, such as empty calories or the effects of alcohol on our brain cells. You can drink as many non-alcoholic beers as you want, and show off your palms, without fear! 

Which one to choose?

The dilemma is which one to choose: we currently have a wide range to buy non-alcoholic beers in our catalog.  Tasty beers like La Chula, Spain’s first non-alcoholic craft beer (with only 9 kcal/100 ml). Bitter and dense beers like Clausthaler Unfiltered.

At The Blue Dolphin Store, we have categories of non-alcoholic beers to make it easier to choose. Discover the artisan ones, such as alcohol-free IPA beers beer or non-alcoholic ales. We also have gluten-free and alcohol-free beers or alcohol-free dark beers.

Now that we know that alcohol-free beer won’t be noticeable in our waistlines, open the fridge and have that cold beer. And not only beer, if you like non-alcoholic wines or alcohol-free sparkling wine, check the calories of each product on our website, and have that glass, or glasses, without feeling guilty. Neither your health nor your figure will suffer with alcohol-free drinks.

Summer is here and you have to celebrate it.

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