Barcelona / 22 December, 2020

Give Alcohol-Free Christmas

The Christmas holidays, full of family celebrations and gatherings with friends and co-workers, have always served as the perfect excuse to indulge in alcohol. This year, without a doubt, they will be different; for many reasons.

Christmas 2020 will be marked by the international health situation. Neither trips, nor company celebrations, nor feasts with the family, nor, nor… but, at The Blue Dolphin Store, we are determined to make you spend a different, innovative and flavorful parties.

Whether for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Three Kings Day, even in “petit comitè”, do not give up enjoying an adult drinking experience in the company of your closest ones. If you cannot leave the house, take the opportunity to reduce alcohol consumption.

We recommend that you alternate your favorite drinks with some of the best dealcoholized products in our store. Either a craft beer without alcohol; a vermouth, a wine, a sparkling or a spirit on our website you will find the best Premium drinks … all without alcohol! Now you can enjoy your celebrations (no matter how small or short) with a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks.

Also, if you don’t know what to give, discover original and innovative alcohol-free drink options that will surprise those who receive them. A healthy alternative with all the flavor.

Dare to confront your brother in law without being buzzy or surprise him by giving him one of our drinks … maybe he’ll get the hint!

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