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Original non-alcoholic gift are looking for an original non-alcoholic gift. Because giving away alcohol, something that has always been so common, is beginning to be a sign of bad taste. Until recently, the latter used to settle for bottles of alcoholic beverages, solera wines. There were even those who resorted to Cuban cigars.

In a few years, giving away alcohol will seem completely out of place. Just as we now see those last century ads recommending smoking to improve the throat or drinking cocaine to lift the spirits. After all, alcohol is a drug. There is no level of alcohol consumption that is considered safe for health, according to the World Health Organization, which does not set any particular limit for safe consumption, as evidence shows that it is better for health do not drink anything.

Original non-alcoholic gift

We can say that there are two types of gifts, on the one hand, there are those that you make to your best friends whose tastes you know well. On the other hand, the ones you do to thank someone for a favor, an invitation, or personalized attention.

It would be unwise to give alcohol to someone who, for whatever reason, is absent. The solution: always give non-alcoholic drinks, with all the flavor and fun of classic wines and spirits, but without any of the drawbacks. What if your child’s teacher is a Muslim? Or if the lawyer at your office is pregnant? What if the birthday guest is absent?

The Blue Dolphin gift card

Dare to offer health and good luck with The Blue Dolphin Store gift card. Those who receive it will be delighted, because they will be able to choose and experiment with all our non-alcoholic drinks. Not only is it an original and healthy gift, it is suitable for everyone, and you will always avoid the embarrassment of making an inappropriate gift. For all these people it can be treated with non-alcoholic wines, which contain all the polyphenols but without contraindications. At The Blue Dolphin Store you will find the best selection of non-alcoholic wines: white, red, rosé and sparkling.

Some wines are a hit, like the Oddbird. It is a non-alcoholic, organic and low-sugar wine. Or the best non-alcoholic beers. Any of our alcohol-free spirits can also be a good gift to enjoy both delicious and harmless non-alcoholic cocktails.

How it works?

We have default amounts of € 10, € 25, € 50 and € 100 or give away the amount you want. It depends on you. The person receiving the card will receive a unique code to redeem at the time of order completion. What if you don’t spend it all? No problem, you can continue to use the code on other orders until it runs out.

Are you looking for an original gift? Here we make it easy for you. Whether it’s the people closest to you or someone you are committed to, giving away a non-alcoholic beverage will always be a success.

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