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On Wednesday February 5th, we attended the first edition of the Barcelona Wine Week. Within the thousands of wine and spirits options, our only goal was (the few, at this moment) non-alcoholic products, of course.

We started with a tasting of Win dealcoholized wines from our friends of Bodegas Matarromera. The white and two red wines were excellent, with full body and great flavor. The sparkling wine was a real surprise because it tasted very similar to traditional cava.

At midday we attended the “Non-Alcoholic Spirits Exposed” conference in order to meet the founders of three non-alcoholic spirits – MeMento, Everleaf and Siegfried Wonderleaf – and taste their product.

Firstly, Eugenio Muraro spoke about his drink, MeMento, a Mediterranean blend of aromatic botanics, made 100% in Italy. It is a natural product, vegan certified and very healthy to use as a base on many cocktails, both in its original version and with the Green one. Siegfried Wonderleaf is the non-alcoholic version of the German gin Siegfried, created by Raphael Vollmar, and it is already a success in Germany. Finally, Paul Mathew talked about his product Everleaf, made in the UK with a complex blend of different ingredients (including vanilla) to achieve a great aroma, flavor and full mouth texture.

The brands have very different origin but they all agree that their goal is to satisfy the growing demand for quality non-alcoholic spirits. The trends of healthy lifestyle and controlling what we consume has arrived at the distillate industry too. There is an increasing number of people that is looking for original and quality options as alternatives to alcohol and, at the same time, wants to drink complex and tasty drinks. These producers worked on creating a good product for them.

Before this event, we still had time to taste the sparkling wines with different fruit flavors, all of them non-alcoholic, of the Italian brand Donelli – well represented in the BCN WW by its kind Export Manager, Mirella Castelnuovo; as well as visiting the stand that the Spanish brand Espadafor installed with its wide variety of products and where Francisco surprised us with their new drink substitute of the famous Spritz.

In The Blue Dolphin Store we love to know all the innovative non-alcoholic options and offer them in our website. We hope to collaborate with these brands soon.


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