Blue Dolphin Guide

The Blue Dolphin Store we know it is hard to find bars and restaurants serving dealcoholized drinks. That is the reason we created the Blue Dolphin Guide, a guide including the bars and restaurants (Blue Dolphin Friends) that offer our quality dealcoholized drinks so you can choose and enjoy our options wherever you are.

You will spot our Blue Dolphin Friends with the special icon in the bar or restaurant…ask the waiter for our products…and enjoy! From a beer or vermouth before lunch to a gin tonic afterwards.

In order for you to choose better, we have categorized the bars and restaurants with our own score, differentiating places depending on the diversity of non-alcoholic drinks they offer. The score goes from 1 to 3 dolphins. 1 dolphin for the bars and restaurants with basic options. 2 dolphins for the ones with more variety and different types of drinks and, finally, 3 dolphins are awarded to the bars and restaurants that offer a wide range of our products.

If you want to drink dealcoholized products this is your guide.

Puerta de un restaurante con un carte de "Come In, we're open" y la pegatina de Guía Blue Dolphin


Ipartxoco No Alcohol

Ipar Txoco

Carrer Mozart 22, Barcelona

Basque Restaurant

Can Bruixa Bar No Alcohol

Can Bruixa

Carrer Joan Güell 168, Barcelona

Cocktail Bar

Che Che Restaurant No Alcohol

CheChe Restaurant

Passeig Marítim 280, Castelldefels

Mediterranean Cuisine

Woody Restaurant No Alcohol

Woody Bar

Plaça del Sol 7, Barcelona

Cocktail Bar

Slivestre Restaurant No Alcohol

Silvestre Restaurant

Carrer de Santaló 101 Barcelona

Market Cuisine / Mediterranian

Restaurant Balmes No Alcohol

Restaurant Balmes

Carrer Balmes 413 Barcelona

Seafood / Market Cuisine

The bar of a bar with a text that says "if you are a professional you can be in The Blue Dolphin Guide"


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