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About the product

Does it taste the same as an alcoholic drink?

The flavor, aroma and texture vary depending on the product. Some dealcoholized products can be even better than alcoholic drinks, especially beers and gins. In any case, don’t expect to have the same sensation as having a drink with alcohol. That is not the point, it is a different experience. 

These products offer a quality alternative to alcoholic beverages, without competing against them. Give it a try and for sure you will adapt easily to these new flavors and sensations.

Is wort and dealcoholized wine the same?

No. Wort is grape juice. Dealcoholized wine is a product made exclusively from quality wine. The alcohol is extracted using non-aggressive methods until a quantity of less than 0.9% of alcohol is obtained. This beverage maintains the organoleptic properties and main characteristics of the wine it comes from. 

How is dealcoholized wine produced?

There are different techniques to create dealcoholized wine. The most common being distillation in columns with aroma recovery, which allows processing big volumes of wine with good recovery of alcohol performance. The next one is the separation of alcohol through the SCC technique, based on the separation by phases with distillation at low temperature and under vacuum. During the first phase, the aromatic fraction of wine is separated. Then the volatile fraction of wine, composed mainly by ethanol, is eliminated. Next, the dearomatized and dealcoholized wine is subjected to the reincorporation of the aromatic fraction that was separated during the first phase.

There is also the technique of distillation under cold temperatures, which is a rapid wine distillation at 15/16ºC. This system ensures the recovery of the aromatic fractions and so no loss of aroma.

Is a drink 0% and a dealcoholized drink the same thing?

Each country has its own regulation regarding non-alcoholic beverages, and they vary depending on the country. In the United Kingdom the regulations are the following:

  • Non-alcoholic or alcohol-free beverage: less than 0.05% ABV
  • Dealcoholized beverage: more than 0.05% and less than 0.5% ABV
  • Low alcohol content beverages: less than 1.2% ABV

In Spain, “non-alcoholic” beverages are defined as any beverage with a graduation below 1.0% ABV.

Can I test positive in a test for alcoholic intake if I drink dealcoholized beverages?

The results obtained from different studies prove that, independently of the alcoholic graduation of the dealcoholized drink (provided that it is not over 1.0%) and regardless of age, sex and phisical complexion, the amount of liquid to consume in order to test positive in a test for alcoholic intake surpasses widely the capacity of consumption of a person. In other words, according to the studies, it is highly improbable to test positive for alcohol intake only by drinking beverages with less than 1.0% ABV.

Do you sell products with an alcohol content above 1.0%?

No. In The Blue Dolphin Store we only sell products with an alcohol content below 1.0%.

How is alcohol-free beer produced?

The process of production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer is pretty similar. They both go through the same initial phases, like the mashing and wort boiling.

The hopping and fermentation process are also part of the elaboration of a non-alcoholic beer. The main difference for the majority of non-alcoholic beers is that the end liquid, with alcohol, must be heated to eliminate the alcohol.

When the beer is heated, the alcohol evaporates because its chemical composition is more volatile than water, therefore it is easier to boil. The alcohol is removed and the resulting liquid is used. This is exactly the contrary of the distillation process.

Do non-alcoholic spirits exist?

Alcoholic spirits are generated through a distillation process, where heat is used to separate and concentrate the alcohol from the rest of components resulting from the previous fermentation of a field-based raw material. This group of beverages includes Rum, Vodka, Gin, Whisky, Brandy, Tequila, and so on.

This distillation process normally generates a product with high alcohol content which is lowered down with water to obtain a concentration of alcohol generally between 30% and 40%, and that is what is consumed. Therefore, speaking about spirits without alcohol wouldn’t be completely correct since the concept of a distilled drink involves a high alcohol content.  

However, nowadays there is an increasing number of producers searching for substitutes of traditional spirits in order to offer an alternative to the public. They offer substitute products to Gin, Rum, Vodka or Whisky with good results, especially with non-alcoholic Gins. 

About The Blue Dolphin

Why "The Blue Dolphin"?

It is a nod to the USA, where asking for a “Blue Dolphin” in a bar is a fun way to ask for a glass of water with ice.

What is the Blue Dolphin Guide?

The Blue Dolphin guide shows the bars and restaurants offering our dealcoholized drinks so you can enjoy these options outside your home.

Additionally, we created our own score – 1, 2 or 3 dolphins – to categorize bars and restaurants depending if they have few, some or plenty of non alcoholic alternatives. 

We make it easy for you! 

About cost and returns

How much is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost depends on the quantity of products ordered and your location. It will be indicated in the checkout page before the payment process, next to the Shipping section which includes: price of transport, handling and packaging, in addition to VAT.

Keep in mind that in The Blue Dolphin Store we only use glass bottles so the security of such a fragile product during handling, packing and shipping operations is a priority for us with the goal that you receive your order in perfect conditions and the shortest time possible.

This is the reason why we trusted our logistics partner, MBE (Mail Boxes Etc), the handling, packing and shipping of our orders through a maximum security system. It offers the highest protection, avoids bottle breakage to a large extent and ensures our clients satisfaction when receiving the products.

Can I return the product I bought?

Yes, you have 14 days to return the product, providing it has not been opened.

Do I have to pay the cost of returning the product?

No, we will pay the cost of returning the product. However, if you prefer to use a different method from the one we propose you will have to bear the additional cost of returning the product.

About Tree-Nation

What is Tree Nation?

Tree Nation is a company dedicated to coordinated reforestation projects around the world. In the Blue Dolphin Store we are environmentally conscious and that is why we collaborate with Tree Nation to plant trees on behalf of our customers. We already have our own Blue Dolphin Forest.

Join the Tree Nation initiative!

How you collaborate with Tree Nation?

In The Blue Dolphin Store we are committed with the environment. So, for each purchase that exceeds 100 euros, we will plant trees in your name in one of the reforestation projects that Tree Nation has worldwide. You will be part of the Blue Dolphin forest and you will receive confirmation of having helped improve the natural environment of the planet.