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The Blue Dolphin Store is the non-alcoholic beverage store

Enjoy without moderation

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional alcoholic drinks? In The Blue Dolphin Store you can find all kinds of dealcoholized beverages of the best quality. If you fancy a day of partying with your friends drinking a good beer, quality wine or a cocktail without the inconveniences of alcohol here you will find it all.

We offer you an easygoing alternative for all kinds of celebrations. Enjoy and make a toast with your friends without the risks and inconveniences of alcohol.

Here you will find different and attractive options to enjoy at any time of the day in one click, without getting lost on the internet.

two alcohol-free cocktails the blue dolphin store

Featured Products

Blue Dolphin Guide

Discover the restaurants and bars that serve our products

Ipartxoco restaurant with alcohol-free drinks

Ipar Txoco

Basque Restaurant

Can Bruixa Bar with non-alcoholic drinks

Can Bruixa

Cocktail Bar

Che Che Restaurant with non-alcoholic drinks

CheChe Restaurant

Mediterranean Cuisine

Woody bar with alcohol-free drinks

Woody Bar

Cocktail Bar

Slivestre Restaurant with alcohol-free drinks

Silvestre Restaurant

Market Cuisine / Mediterranian

Restaurant Balmes with non-alcoholic drinks

Restaurant Balmes

Seafood / Market Cuisine

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