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Alcohol-free Martini – Now on our website

On February 28th, “The Grocer” website published an article written by Daniel Woofson about Bacardi entering the “low and no drinks” world with the creation of two alcohol free Martinis.

The new non-alcoholic drinks are:

  • Vibrante, with fruity taste,
  • and Floreale, inspired by the sweetness of roman chamomile.

The drinks are made from the same quality wines used to create the classic vermouth, then alcohol is removed and they are infused with sustainably-sourced botanicals.

The VP of Martini global, Nick Stringer, says times are changing and people that is conscious about their drinking don’t want to be left out at the time of enjoying an aperitif.

In The Blue Dolphin Store we are happy about this decision and we want more brands to join the alcohol free movement.

To read the full article click here.




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