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We want to share with you a very interesting article called “How non-alcoholic cocktails are shaking up the bar scene”, published by the CNN website on February 21st and written by Tamara Hardingham-Gill. 

It explains how in the past, non-alcoholic options in bars consisted of the classic cocktails minus the alcohol, which didn’t satisfy the clients. Nowadays, thanks to the increase in quality non-alcoholic products, the demand for this kind of drink is increasing fast. That is why bars are putting effort into creating alcohol-free cocktails because now they are taken seriously.  

The main reason for the increase in demand is health consciousness, which changed the attitude of consumers towards alcohol. People want to enjoy booze-free cocktails and feel the same experience as with traditional ones.

The bar world has reacted to the new needs, now they have alcohol free versions in mind and look for the best products to complement their cocktails. This is great news for The Blue Dolphin Store. We promote quality non-alcoholic drinks and want them to be present in bars and restaurants. 

To read the whole article click here.


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