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Undone, alcohol-free spirits with a mission

Always eager for new sensations, we expand our stocks with new 0.0 products. We do it because we like to try new things, and we like to be able to offer them to you. This time they are new non-alcoholic drinks from Germany.

That is why now at The Blue Dolphin Store you will find alcohol-free alternatives from the Hamburg-based company Undone. Their non-alcoholic spirits were on everyone’s lips (sometimes literally), after their high-profile New York launch.

Essence is the key to these liquor alternatives. Alternatives to gin and rum are first distilled in a copper kettle or alembic. In a subsequent process, the alcohol is eliminated, hence its name “undone”, because they undo what has been created, remove the alcohol but keep all its aroma and flavor.

The founders, a very young team led by André Stork and Mehmet Ünlü, aim to free the drinking culture from the dominance of alcohol by serving trendy cocktails such as the Negroni 0.0, the Jamaican Mule 0.0, the Cuba Libre 0.0 or any classic cocktail or mixed drink, but all without a single drop of alcohol.

That’s based on its four key products: No. 1 Sugar Cane Type (This is not Rum), No. 2 Juniper Type (This is not Gin), y No. 9 Red Italian Aperitif Type (This is not Red Vermouth). This latest non-alcoholic red vermouth won the gold medal at the Low & No Masters Competition, the Oscars for non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks.

But Undone also has one goal: to contribute significantly to reducing global alcohol consumption by 20% by 2025. We, for our part, will do everything possible to help them in their mission.

Kolonne Null, non-alcoholic wines from Germany with a lot of glamour

Also from Germany comes Kolonne Null, a young brand that in just three years has become synonymous with quality, fun and style. At The Blue Dolphin Store we have added four of their best non-alcoholic wines to our catalog: Kolonne Null Verdejo, Kolonne Null Blanc, Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge, Kolonne Null Rosé, Kolonne Null Riesling.

The research of its in-house laboratory lays the foundation for each creation with a variety of non-alcoholic wines and sparkling variations, which are developed and co-produced with internationally award-winning family wineries. New non-alcoholic drinks that arrive from Germany and that are dealcoholized wines, with all the characteristics of traditional wines, but without alcohol.


The colors in wine are not a matter of chance … They have a story to tell! White wines can have a wide range of colors, from light cream to darker amber. Light green wines are usually fresh and provide a higher level of acidity; for red and rosé wines, it is quite simple. The strongest and darkest colors are usually tannic wines with more body.


Kolonne Null’s non-alcoholic wine is highly aromatic, containing complex notes of fragrances of flowers, fruits, spices, woods, nuts and even earthy vegetables.


It is not necessary to have a sommelier’s palate to recognize flavors and different varieties of wine. Alcohol is carefully removed and replaced by a delicate amount of fine sugars that leave behind the essential aromas, acids, and vital phenols that make wine so enjoyable. The sugars help to orchestrate the symphony between all the fruits and aromas that leave the wonderful taste of the wine completely intact … without your head hurting afterwards.

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