Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

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Buy non-alcoholic red wines from the best brands. An alcohol-free red wine for every occasion.

  • Moderato Cuvée Révolutionnaire Merlot non-alcoholic red wine
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    Moderato Révolutionnaire Merlot – Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

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  • Moderato Originale alcohol-free red wine
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    Moderato Cabernet Merlot – Alcohol-Free Red Wine

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  • Élivo Zero Zero Deluxe non-alcoholic red wine

    Élivo Zero Zero Red – Alcohol Free Red Wine

    Original price was: 6,49€.Current price is: 4,87€. IVA inc.

The best non-alcoholic red wines with 100% flavor

A good non-alcoholic red wine is hard to make, but these brands have done a great job In Spain we have very good non-alcoholic wine brands such as Lussory, Natureo or Win. Now you can buy non-alcohol red wines of all types of grapes. Choose your favorite from Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah, etc. grape varieties, we have them all!

If you want to buy non-alcoholic red wine and you can’t decide, we have this article on the best non-alcoholic wines.

Buy alcohol-free red wine

We have selected the best variety of alcohol-free wines for you to find the option that best suits your tastes. From non-alcoholic red wines made from Merlot grapes such as Natureo non-alcoholic red wine, to Tempranillo or Syrah. There is no single flavor, each dealcoholized wines has its own unique properties.

If you want a buy alcohol-free premium wine, we have alcohol-free red wine from premium brands such as Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge and Oddbird Domaine de la Prade. Are you ready to try them?

What do non-alcoholic red wines taste like?

Everyone asks us, what does alcohol-free red wine taste like? Every non-alcoholic wine has different flavors, depending on the grape, method of production, etc. What we can say is that you don’t expect to find an alcohol-free red wine that tastes 100% the same as a wine with alcohol. It is an alternative with its own taste, different but also good. Buy them in our non-alcoholic drinks shop and let us know what you think.

Combine with other alcohol-free drinks

We have more types of non-alcoholic wines: non-alcoholic white wine, non-alcoholic rosé wine and non-alcoholic sparkling wine. You will also find more non-alcoholic drinks to complete your order. From non-alcoholic craft beers, non-alcoholic vermouths or alcohol-free spirits. Enjoy without moderation.