Non-Alcoholic Spirits

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Alcohol-free spirits from the best international brands and with premium quality. Non-alcoholic gins, non-alcoholic rum, non-alcoholic vodka, and more! To make your favorite alcohol-free cocktails.

Buy the non-alcoholic spirits you deserve

We know that it is not the same to toast with water or drink a tonic when the rest of your friends are having a Gin & Tonic. That is why we offer the best non-alcoholic spirits for you to enjoy an adult and sophisticated drink without the inconveniences of alcohol.

Our non-alcoholic liquours are from the best producers, who managed to create a drink with good taste, aroma, and body but without alcohol! Ideal for when you want a cocktail or a complex drink but you can't or don't want to consume alcohol. Drink as many as you want!

Non-alcoholic Gin

We know that a tonic alone does not give you the same experience as a traditional Gin & Tonic. That is why we have a wide variety of non-alcoholic gins for all tastes: dry, citrus, herbal, etc. For example, we have Tanqueray 0.0 without alcohol, which is rocking as it is the first alcohol-free gin from the famous brand.

Non-alcoholic Rum

You may have already tried a non-alcoholic Mojito, but have you tried one made with real non-alcoholic rum? At The Blue Dolphin Store we have several types of alcohol-free rum, dark and white, so you can create your favorite cocktails.

Don't miss out on other alcohol-free spirits, such as non-alcoholic whisky or non-alcoholic vodka. All on one website.

Benefits of non-alcoholic spirits

Obviously, with alcohol-free spirits you don't have to worry about drinking too much, you can drive and, very importantly, you don't have a hangover! In addition, non-alcoholic spirits have fewer calories than alcoholic beverages. We have alcohol-free and sugar-free distillates as well. If you are pregnant, you can drink these beverages because they are 0% alcohol. If you have any doubts you can contact us and we will help you.

Non-alcoholic spirits brands

Find the best international brands of alcohol-free spirits. Some of the most popular are the Australian Lyre's, which exclusively produces all kinds of non-alcoholic spirits, which are delicious. The alcohol-free gin Seedlip is a pioneer in non-alcoholic spirits. Strykk (England) offers the perfect non-alcoholic drinks for a party: non-alcoholic gin, non-alcoholic rum, and non-alcoholic vodka.

If you want other non-alcoholic drinks keep checking our website because we have them all. The best non-alcoholic craft beers, non-alcoholic wines, and non-alcoholic vermouths. Also, if you are looking for product packs, we have the non-alcoholic cocktails page where you have the drinks and the recipe in the description.

Enjoy without moderation with The Blue Dolphin Store