Alcohol-Free Gin

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Buy your favorite alcohol-free gin. Discover the best alcohol-free gins to create non-alcoholic cocktails such as alcohol-free gin and tonic.

Buy alcohol-free gins

We have the best variety of alcohol-free gins, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes. Alcohol-free dry, citrus, herbal, etc. gin. We have them all. The experience of drinking a cocktail with alcohol-free gin is completely different and better than drinking a tonic alone or a soft drink.

Don’t settle and find the best flavors with our non-alcoholic spirits. If you don’t know what to choose, we recommend our list of the best alcohol-free gins.

Alcohol-free gin brands

Discover international alcohol-free gin brands. The first non-alcoholic gin was created by Seedlip, we have all 3 varieties. Australian brand Lyre’s has Lyre’s London Dry Gin, a classic English non-alcoholic gin, and Lyre’s Pink London, a pink alcohol-free gin.

Alcohol-free Tanqueray

Tanqueray 0.0 is trendy as it is the first alcohol-free gin from the famous English brand. The goal of alcohol-free Tanqueray was to create an alcohol-free gin with the aroma and flavor of the original Tanqueray. Try it and tell us if they have succeeded or not. Some people say it is the best alcohol-free gin. What do you think?

Seagram’s 0.0 Gin

The new alcohol-free Seagram’s 0.0 gin gets all the flavor and aroma of authentic Seagram’s but without the alcohol. We recommend that you enjoy it in an alcohol-free gin and tonic, with a premium tonic and a slice of lemon. You’ll love it.

How alcohol-free gin is made?

Surely you are curious to know how alcohol-free gin is made. The two most common methods are the distillation of botanicals in water instead of alcohol and infusing water with aromas, ingredients, and flavor to achieve a quality non-alcoholic gin. Each brand has its own technique to create alcohol-free gins.

The perfect alcohol-free gin and tonic

How an alcohol-free gin and tonic is made? Mix any of our alcohol-free gins with a premium tonic, such as Franklin and Sons, and enjoy an adult and alcohol-free experience. The alcohol-free gin and tonic recipe is one-quarter alcohol-free gin and three-quarters tonic.

To make it easier for you, here is Lyre’s alcohol-free Gin & Tonic prepared for you. Remember to check the recipe for alcohol-free cocktails on the product page. Even if the spirit is alcohol-free, you must follow the recommendations to maximize the flavor of the non-alcoholic cocktail.

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