Alcohol-Free Rum

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Buy the best non-alcoholic rums on the market. Create alcohol-free mojitos and other cocktails with all the flavour.

Buy non-alcoholic rum

Non-alcoholic rum cocktails are all the rage. The best way to create them is with authentic and delicious non-alcoholic rums. In this section, you will find several types: white and black. An alcohol-free rum is not easy to make, but the brands we carry have done a good job of creating zero alcohol and all-flavor spirits.

Alcohol-free rum brands

Lyre's non-alcoholic spirits brand has two non-alcoholic rum products: Lyre's White Cane white rum and Lyre's Dark Cane black rum. We also have Undone No1 alcohol-free rum and Strykk not Rum.

Spectacular non-alcoholic Mojito

You may have already tried non-alcoholic mojitos made with soda, lime, and sugar. Now you can create Mojitos with a real rum taste, but without alcohol. The experience is totally different.

Non-alcoholic rums are versatile, you can create many more non-alcoholic cocktails, for example, Cuba Libre or Mai Tai. Visit the alcohol-free cocktails page for more ideas and special packs.

Discover more non-alcoholic drinks

Be sure to check our website for new non-alcoholic drinks. If you fancy other types of drinks, we have all kinds of non-alcoholic wines to pair with your meals and non-alcoholic vermouth for the perfect aperitif.

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