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Buy the best alcohol-free rums on the market. Create alcohol-free mojitos and other non-alcoholic rum cocktails.

Buy alcohol-free rum

Non-alcoholic rum cocktails are all the rage. The best way to create them is with authentic and delicious alcohol-free rums. Luckily at The Blue Dolphin Store, your online non-alcoholic drinks store, we have the best alcohol-free rum on the market.

In this section, you will find several types: white and black. An alcohol-free rum is not easy to make, but the brands we carry have done a good job of creating zero alcohol and all-flavor spirits. If you were wondering where to buy alcohol-free rum, The Blue Dolphin Store is the answer.

What is alcohol-free rum?

A zero alcohol rum is a non-alcoholic aromatic drink with less than 1% alcohol content. You may be wondering “why drink alcohol-free rum?”, “what’s the point?”. The answer is that the experience is unique, the flavor, aroma, and texture are reminiscent of the original drink, but without the alcohol. This allows you to enjoy a complex and nuanced non-alcoholic drink, much better than a simple soft drink.

If you want to know more about non-alcoholic rums, we recommend the article Alcohol-free rum, Caribbean flavor without the danger of excess.

Alcohol-free rum brands

You are in luck because now you can buy alcohol-free rum from different brands. For example, Caleño Dark & Spicy alcohol-free tropical rum and Strykk not Rum.

Lyre’s alcohol-free Rum

Lyre’s managed to capture the aroma and flavor of rum by creating 2 varieties of alcohol-free rum: Lyre’s White Cane alcohol-free white rum and Lyre’s Dark Cane non-alcoholic black rum. If you are a rum lover you cannot miss them!

Spectacular alcohol-free Mojito

You may have already tried alcohol-free mojitos made with soda, lime, and sugar. Now you can create Mojitos with a real rum taste but without alcohol. The experience is totally different.

Alcohol-free rums are versatile, you can create many more non-alcoholic cocktails, for example, Cuba Libre or Mai Tai. Visit the alcohol-free cocktails page for more ideas and special packs.

Discover more non-alcoholic drinks

Be sure to check our website for new alcohol-free spirits. If you fancy other types of drinks, we have all kinds of non-alcoholic wines to pair with your meals and non-alcoholic vermouth for the perfect aperitif.

At The Blue Dolphin Store, you have the best alcohol-free drinks on the market.