Alcohol-Free Vodka

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Discover the ideal alcohol-free vodka for your non-alcoholic or alcoholic cocktails.

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It seems unbelievable, but it’s real: alcohol-free vodka exists! Now you can create your favorite cocktails with vodka, but without alcohol. Try it and you will be surprised.

What does alcohol-free vodka taste like?

As you would expect, this type of alcohol-free spirit the taste is different from traditional vodkas. However, the non-alcoholic vodka options have an aroma, texture, and taste that is reminiscent of the original vodka and give you a different, and above all, delicious experience.

Alcohol-free vodka brands

At the moment there are few alcohol-free vodka options on the market. We have two fantastic alternatives from the English brand Strykk. The classic Strykk Not Vodka and the alcohol-free Vanilla Vodka version. Which one do you choose?

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