Non-Alcoholic Vermouths & Aperitifs

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Buy non-alcoholic vermouths and aperitifs. Dry or sweet, white and red. The best brands of alcohol-free drinks.

  • Martini Vibrante non-alcoholic red vermouth

    Martini Vibrante – Alcohol-free Vermouth

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  • alcohol-free spritz Sir James 101 bitter aperitif ready-to-go

    Sir. James 101 – Bitter Aperitif Alcohol Free

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The best alcohol-free vermouths

Aperitif lovers, you no longer have to give up a good drink when you don’t want to drink alcohol. Here you will find all options to buy non-alcoholic vermouth and non-alcoholic aperitifs. This category is one of the newest, but the brands have managed to keep the essence of the vermouth even if it is alcohol-free. Once you try them you will be hooked. If you want to know more about what is alcohol-free vermouth, we recommend the article “summer and non-alcoholic vermouth“.

Buy non-alcoholic vermouth and non-alcoholic appetizers

We have options for all tastes, alcohol-free red vermouth like Lyre’s Vermouth Rosso with a more intense flavor. There are also non-alcoholic dry vermouths, more herbal and lighter.

Of non-alcoholic aperitifs, we have good examples such as Lyre’s Italian Spritz, which is a non-alcoholic Spritz, and the alcohol-free Aperol spirit Strykk Not Aperitivo.

Try a non-alcoholic Martini

We could not miss the non-alcoholic vermouth of the most famous brand, Martini. We have two varieties, Martini Floreale and Martini Vibrante. The brand has managed to maintain the characteristic flavor with these alcohol-free martini vermouths. If you are a fan of the brand, you can’t miss it. Some people consider them one of the best non-alcoholic vermouths.

Mix with other alcohol-free drinks

If you buy alcohol-free vermouths, you can combine them with non-alcoholic cocktails or drink them on their own. If you want more non-alcoholic drinks, we have the best non-alcoholic craft beers and premium non-alcoholic wines. All at The Blue Dolphin Store.