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The best non-alcoholic beers and non-alcoholic craft beers.

Minimum purchase 6 units of alcohol-free beer.

The bottles can be the same or different but in multiples of 6. The cans are purchased in packs of minimum 6 units of the same product.

Buy the best non-alcoholic beers

If you are looking for a variety of non-alcoholic beers, from national and international brands, The Blue Dolphin Store is your online non-alcoholic beverage store. This is your website where to buy quality alcohol-free beer. It is increasingly common to drink non-alcoholic beers, but we bring you the best-tasting non-alcoholic craft beers that are not easy to find in stores. Enjoy without moderation and do not get bored!

The best non-alcoholic beers

You have many options to choose from when you want t buy non-alcoholic beer. On our site, you will find all kinds of non-alcoholic beers. From non-alcoholic and gluten-free beer, to isotonic, non-alcoholic lager, and non-alcoholic beer with lemon. We also have non-alcoholic beer cans, easy to transport and keep the non-alcoholic drink in the best conditions.

If you want to know which is the best non-alcoholic beer, this is our list of the best non-alcoholic beers.

Non-alcoholic IPA beer

If you love the fruity flavor of IPA beers, you can’t miss the selection of non-alcoholic IPA beers that we have. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of non-alcoholic beers.

Non-alcoholic Ale beer

When you want more flavor, have a non-alcoholic Ale beer. Have you tried our craft beer brands? You will notice the difference with the industrial ones.

Gluten-free and alcohol-free beer

Celiacs we have your back. We know it’s hard to find gluten-free beer in general. That’s why we have alcohol-free and gluten-free beers. Enjoy while you take care of yourself.

Non-alcoholic black beer

Do not miss our selection of non-alcoholic stout beer. They keep the intense flavor, texture, and aroma of a traditional black beer, but without alcohol. Alcohol-free stouts are in fashion due to their intense and complex flavor.

Non-alcoholic beer brands

We’re constantly on the lookout for the best alcohol-free beer brands. These are some of the most popular 0.0 beer brands. If you need more information ask us.

Clausthaler non-alcoholic Beer

Clausthaler is the most popular non-alcoholic beer brand in Germany. They are 0.0% beers that are light and easy to drink. We have the 3 varieties of alcohol-free Clausthaler beers: Clausthaler Original, Clausthaler Lemon (alcohol-free beer with lemon, Radler type), and Clausthaler Unfiltered.

BrewDog non-alcoholic beer

BrewDog is one of the best-known craft beer brands, and their non-alcoholic beers are quite an experience! We have BrewDog’s first non-alcoholic beer BrewDog Nanny State and BrewDog Punk AF. Non-alcoholic BrewDog beers are always a good choice.

Athletic Brewing non-alcoholic beers

Athletic Brewing is the best-selling non-alcoholic beer brand in the United States. From the city of San Diego, they have spread throughout the world. They are non-alcoholic isotonic beers, made for athletes. Don’t miss the two non-alcoholic beers IPA Run Wild and the Upside Dawn lager.

What does non-alcoholic beer mean?

In Spain, the law considers that a non-alcoholic beer must have less than 1% alcohol content. The question everyone asks is “can I get drunk if I drink a lot of alcohol-free beers?” The answer is no. Although some non-alcoholic beers have alcohol, the alcohol content is not 0.0%, the small percentage of alcohol is residual, and even if you drink a lot of beer you will not get drunk.

The difference between a non-alcoholic beer and an alcohol-free 0.0 beer is that the non-alcoholic one has to have less than 1% alcohol content. The 0.0% does not have a gram of alcohol.

The ingredients of non-alcoholic beer are the same as traditional beer: barley, hops, water and yeast. Therefore the taste of alcohol-free beer will be similar. You can expect it to not be exactly the same, but we do have non-alcoholic craft beers that taste better than any with alcohol. Once you enter the world of 0,0% alcohol craft beers, you will discover some very interesting flavors and without the negative effects of alcohol. If you want to know more, read our article how non-alcoholic beer is made.

Benefits of alcohol-free beers

Non-alcoholic beer is good for your health because it contains a large number of antioxidants and does not have the negative health effects of alcohol. For those of you who are watching your diet and have doubts about whether an alcohol-free beer is fattening, the truth is that it has fewer calories than the classic beers with alcohol.

For everyday routine, it is healthier to drink a non-alcoholic beer than a soft drink (which usually contains more calories and sugars). If you want to know more, we recommend the article Does non-alcoholic beer make you fat?

We have alcohol-free beers for pregnant women with 0.0% alcohol. You no longer have to conform to water or a soft drink. Check the product page to find the 0,0% alcohol beers. For these reasons, buying non-alcoholic beer is a good choice

More non-alcoholic drinks at The Blue Dolphin Store

Check out the rest of our non-alcoholic drinks on our website. What we always say, it is possible to enjoy a whole day without a drop of alcohol: non-alcoholic vermouth for the aperitif, followed by a good non-alcoholic wine for lunch, and finishing with a alcohol-free spiritor alcohol-free gin with tonic for the after-dinner-drink. The full package!