Non-Alcoholic Ale Beers

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Buy non-alcoholic ale beers, ideal for craft beer lovers.

Minimum purchase of 6 units of non-alcoholic beers.

They can be the same or different non-alcoholic beers but in multiples of 6. Cases of 12 can be purchased individually.

Buy non-alcoholic ale beer

If you are a lover of craft beers, you can't miss the non-alcoholic ale beers. These brands have managed to create an ale-like beer with less than 1% alcohol in a craft way. You will definitely notice the difference with industrial non-alcoholic beers.

What do toasted alcohol-free beers taste like?

These types of non-alcoholic beers have greater aromatic complexity and more robust, sweeter flavors. Of course, each alcohol-free beer has its own characteristic flavor, so we encourage you to read the descriptions to choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Brands of non-alcoholic craft beers

We have several brands of toasted non-alcoholic beers, such as Brewdog Nanny StateHoppy Ale, a classic in the world of non-alcoholic beers.

Discover other non-alcoholic drinks

At The Blue Dolphin Store, we have a full range of non-alcoholic drinks. Apart from other types of non-alcoholic beers, we recommend you visit our range of non-alcoholic wines of all varieties (red, white, rosé) and non-alcoholic sparkling wines.

If you're having a party, don't miss out on the alcohol-free spirits, such as alcohol-free gins or non-alcoholic rum, that we have available. As we always say, you don't need alcohol to have a good time.