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The best non-alcoholic craft beers in cans. Minimum purchase 6 units of the same product.

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Non-alcoholic beer cans are in fashion. More and more craft beer companies are using cans because they maintain the quality of the beers better, they are recyclable and easier to transport, all advantages!

Brands of non-alcoholic beer in a can

The Valencian brewery Celestial has a fantastic range of non-alcoholic craft beers in cans. We also have a brand of non-alcoholic beer that is killing it in the United States: Athletic Brewery. Don’t miss their Run Wild IPA non-alcoholic beer and Upside Dawn non-alcoholic lager. If you like non-alcoholic stout beers, they have the new Athletic Brewing All Out.

Especially non-alcoholic IPA beers are very popular among craft beer lovers.

Benefits of non-alcoholic craft beers

Non-alcoholic beer is good for your health as it contains a large number of antioxidants and does not have the negative health effects of alcohol. For those of you who are watching your diet and are wondering whether the non-alcoholic beer is fattening, the truth is that it has fewer calories than classic beers with alcohol. For everyday life, it is healthier to drink a non-alcoholic beer than a soft drink (which tends to contain more calories and sugars).

We have alcohol-free beers for pregnant women with 0.0% alcohol. You no longer have to resign yourself to water or a soft drink.

Discover more non-alcoholic drinks

At The Blue Dolphin Store, we have a full range of non-alcoholic drinks. You can enjoy good non-alcoholic wines to pair with your meals or non-alcoholic vermouths for a good aperitif.

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