Non-Alcoholic IPA Beers

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Discover non-alcoholic IPA beers, the trend within the non-alcoholic craft beers world.

Minimum purchase of 6 units of non-alcoholic beers.

The bottles can be the same or different non-alcoholic beers, but in multiples of 6. The cans are purchased in packs of at least 6 units of the same product.

  • Brewdog Punk AF non-alcoholic beer IPA

    BrewDog Punk AF – Alcohol Free IPA Beer

    Original price was: 2,81€.Current price is: 2,38€. IVA inc.

Buy non-alcoholic IPA beers

Non-alcoholic IPA beers are a real treat. If you are a regular drinker of non-alcoholic beer, you might be bored of the usual mainstream alcohol-free beers. We don’t have anything boring on our website! If you are looking for a new experience, we recommend you try non-alcoholic IPA beers, the taste will surprise you.

Non-alcoholic craft IPA beers taste almost the same as traditional alcoholic beers. They are characterized by their slightly bitter and citrusy taste. Without a doubt, it’s a flavor boost. Just what industrial alcohol-free beers lack. Each non-alcoholic beer has its special characteristics, choose the one you like best.

The best non-alcoholic IPA beers

You can buy non-alcoholic IPA beers such as BrewDog Punk AF or Thrive, a recovery alcohol-free beer. Additionally, we have Athletic Brewing Run Wild IPA, considered America’s best non-alcoholic IPA. Do you dare to try them?

If you don’t know which one to choose, we recommend our article on the best non-alcoholic beers, a selection from our clients.

Benefits of non-alcoholic craft beers

The number 1 benefit, of course, is the fact that they are alcohol-free (“alcohol-free” means less than 1% alcohol content) and this avoids all the negative effects of alcohol. You can drink as many non-alcoholic beers as you want and drive in peace.

People always wonder if non-alcoholic beer is fattening, the answer is that it has fewer calories than alcoholic beers. So if you want to stay in shape, it’s best to switch to alcohol-free beverages.

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We have more types of alcohol-free craft beers, apart from IPAs, like the range of non-alcoholic stout beers. Also, on our site, you can find non-alcoholic lagers, alcohol-free ales, and even non-alcoholic and gluten-free beers.

If you want to try flavors other than beer, keep looking on the website for the non-alcoholic drinks that you like the most. Alcohol-free wines, like a non-alcoholic red wine to accompany a good meal. An alcohol-free gin for a special evening… We have it all!