Non-Alcoholic Radler Beers

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Buy the most refreshing non-alcoholic Radler beers, with lemon taste.

Minimum purchase of 6 units of non-alcoholic beers.

The bottles can be the same or different non-alcoholic beers, but in multiples of 6. The cans are purchased in packs of at least 6 units of the same product.

Enjoy a non-alcoholic beer with lemon

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink with flavour, non-alcoholic beer with lemon is the perfect choice. Non-alcoholic Radler beers is the type of alcohol-free beer with the light taste of a lager and the refreshing twist of lemon.

Non-alcohol Radler beer Brands

The legendary German brand Clausthaler has its Radler version with Clausthaler Lemon. We also have the famous Desperados 0.0, with a citrus touch. Try them and you will be surprised by their delicious taste.

If you like non-alcoholic craft beers, we recommend the categories of non-alcoholic IPA beer, non-alcoholic stout or non-alcoholic ales.

Alcohol-free beer with fewer calories

Apart from avoiding alcohol and its negative consequences for the body, drinking non-alcoholic beers also reduces your calorie intake. They have fewer calories and sugars than regular soft drinks. In the case of Clausthaler Lemon alcohol-free beer, it is an alcohol-free radler which has 60% fewer calories than similar non-alcoholic beers.

More non-alcoholic drinks on the web

We have a wide range of refreshing alcohol-free drinks in our online shop. Try the non-alcoholic vermouths for an aperitif, a nice non-alcoholic wine. If you like to party, you can enjoy a nice 0% alcohol cocktail with our premium alcohol-free spirits.