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Cases of alcohol-free drinks. Buy the packs of 6 or 12 units of the same non-alcoholic drink at a discounted price.

  • Chula alcohol-free beer craft

    Case x 12 Chula

    22,65 VAT inc.
  • Lammsbrau non-alcoholic organic beer and gluten-free

    Case x 12 Lammsbräu

    31,94 VAT inc.
  • Win Verdejo non-alcoholic white wine

    Case x 6 Win White

    40,08 VAT inc.
  • Lussory alcohol-free rosé wine Premium Rosé
  • Win Tempranillo non-alcoholic red wine

    Case x 6 Win Red

    40,08 VAT inc.

Non-alcoholic drinks boxes at discounted price

The boxes of no-alcoholic drinks have a 5% discount on the price of buying them individually. We have boxes of 6 units of non-alcoholic wine, vermouth, and non-alcoholic spirits. For beers and mixers, the boxes are of 12 units.

Ideal if you are having a party or event with a lot of people. Best to buy the cases at a discount. You can buy any of the alcohol-free drinks on our website in cases.