Non-Alcoholic Wines

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Buy the best non-alcoholic wines on the market. There are all kinds of alcohol-free wines whites, reds and rosés.

Buy premium non-alcoholic wines

At The Blue Dolphin Store, we have the largest range of premium non-alcoholic wines, both national and international. Our online store solves the problem that many people have: Where can I buy alcohol-free wine? Here is your store. Although they are dealcoholized wines, the aroma, body, and taste are very well achieved. Welcome to the future!

The best non-alcoholic wines

We are always looking for new brands of non-alcoholic wine to offer you the best variety. Many advances have been made and now you can find all kinds of non-alcoholic wines.

Non-alcoholic red wine

From Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo grapes, and more. We have national brands such as the popular non-alcoholic wines Natureo from Bodegas Torres or those of the brand Lussory or Win (Bodegas Matarromea).

Non-alcoholic white wine

Ideal to accompany a rice or fish dish. As they are non-alcoholic wines, they can be enjoyed at any time. We have international brands such as the alcohol-free wines Sinzero (Chile) or Kolonne Null (Germany).

Non-alcoholic rosé wine

If you like a sweeter touch, you will love the non-alcoholic rosé wines. We also have national brands such as alcohol-free wine Natureo and international brands such as the French Pierre Zéro.

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Non-alcoholic sparkling wines are in fashion. We have non-alcoholic sparkling wines, rosé, sweet and more. Don't toast with water, toast with a good alcohol-free sparkling wine at your celebrations and parties.

Benefits of non-alcoholic wine

Non-alcoholic wines are healthier as they do not have the negative health effects of alcohol. They have fewer calories and we have alcohol-free wine options for pregnant women that contain 0.0% alcohol. For instance, the non-alcoholic wines from Lussory have the Halal certification.

For more information on how alcohol-free wine is produced, we recommend our article “Fit as a fiddle with alcohol-free wine”.

What is considered non-alcoholic wine?

To be considered alcohol-free wine, the alcohol content must be less than 1%. The key question is “can I get drunk if I drink a lot of non-alcoholic wine?” The answer is no. If the alcohol content of alcohol-free wine is less than 1%, the alcohol content is residual, and even if you drink a lot of wine you will not get drunk.

Enjoy non-alcoholic drinks and alcohol-free wine

The first time you try non-alcoholic wines, the taste may surprise you because it is not exactly the same as the alcoholic version. However, every time de-alcoholized wines are getting better and better and you have many options: Verdejo, Merlot, Brut… you can choose the type of wine you like the most!

Discover the rest of the non-alcoholic drinks to complete your purchase. A non-alcoholic beer after work, non-alcoholic vermouth for the aperitif, or a good non-alcoholic gin for your cocktails. You have many options and all of them are delicious!