Celestial Sin Helles – Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Alcohol-Free Lager Beer

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Celestial Sin Helles is a non-alcoholic lager beer with a golden color and a creamy and very persistent whitish foam. The aroma, reminiscent of bread and cereal, comes from the prominence of the Munich malt and the freshness of the yeast with a floral touch from the Saaz hops. The bitterness is very low, predominating the flavor of cereal without being sweet. The body is medium, the finish on the palate is smooth with moderate carbonation. It is also a craft gluten-free and vegan beer.

This type of non-alcoholic beers is perfect to combine with salads, German sausages, sushi, smoked ham, and soft cheeses that are not very fatty.

  • Volume: 33 cl. x 12
  • Country: Spain
  • ABV: <0,5%


Enjoy a non-alcoholic beer, light and delicious, like Celestial Sin Helles. The brand Celestial Sin makes alcohol-free beers in an artisanal way with natural raw materials; without pasteurization, additives or artificial preservatives. The first Spanish brand to develop a complete range of non-alcoholic beers.

This is a non-alcohol beer, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Bronze medal at the Barcelona Beer Festival 2020.

Nutritional Information (per 100 ml)

  • Energy: 20 kcal. (83,5 kJ.)
  • Protein: 0,9  g.
  • Carbohydrates: 4,1  g.
  • Fat: 0 g.
  • Sugar: 0,9 g.
  • Salt: 0 g.