Fentimans Premium Indian – Tonic Water

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Fentimans Premium Indian tonic water is made after the natural fermentation of botanicals. It includes flavorings such as citronella that give it a peculiar aroma and flavor with light citrus and earthy notes of quinine. To the mouth, the carbonic is fine and appears in the background.

In this Fentimans tonic predominates citrus notes thanks to lemon and citronella, which give it freshness. The final bitterness sensation of this drink is very pleasant and fits well with the sweetness and acidity of the tonic.

  • Volume: 20 cl.
  • Producer: Fentimans (UK)

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The premium tonic made from botanicals. Fentimans Premium Indian is very refreshing, thanks to the citrus notes of lemon and citronella. You can make the best cocktails with it, like a great Gin & Tonic. Fentimans crafts high-quality botanically brewed drinks and tonics since 1905.

  • Fentimans Premium Indian Tonic Water

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