Franklin & Sons – Original Lemonade

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Premium Lemonade

An original, clear lemonade made with sparkling Staffordshire spring water and South American lemon juice. Gluten Free. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

As opposed to a cloudy lemonade which is slightly tart, this original clear lemonade delivers slightly more on the sweetness so it perfect to mix with our alcohol-free vodka.

  • Volume: 20 cl.
  • Producer: Franklin & Sons (UK)


In 1886 the Franklin brothers introduced Victorian Britain to new taste experiences using only the finest natural ingredients. 130 years later, today’s range is crafted with Staffordshire spring water, hand harvested Ecuadorian cinchona bark and natural British sugar with no artificial sweeteners. This ensures the highest quality flavour, which perfectly complements the delicate botanicals and aromas of every premium spirit. The best mixers to take alone or for to mix with the spirits from our store.

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