Scavi & Ray Spumante – Alcohol Free Wine

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Alcohol-free Sparkling White Wine

Scavi & Ray is an alcohol-free sparkling white wine, dry wine, from Veneto (Italy). It is elaborated with a new process of dealcoholization that ensures the maximum quality of the product, in addition to maintaining its full aroma. It is low in calories, only 30 per glass.

Tasting Notes
Characterized by its freshness, delicate aroma and fruity effervescence. It is slightly smoky with notes of pear, citrus and vanilla, finished with a light sweetness.

  • Volume: 75 cl.
  • Variety: Glera (Italy)
  • ABV: <0,03%
  • Cellar: Scavi & Ray (Italy)


Scavi & Ray is an elegant and refreshing non-alcoholic sparkling white wine. It is good for any occasion, and it is also low in calories. Its delicate aroma and delicious taste will amaze you.

Serving Recommendation
Ideal for an aperitif, with salads, rice dishes or fish. Serve 8º-10°C.

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 22 Kcal.
  • Carbohydrates: 5,4 gr.
  • Sugar: 4,8 gr.
  • Fat: 0 gr.

Additional information

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