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It cannot be denied that non-alcoholic beers are in fashion, there are more and more brands and types of non-alcoholic craft beers. In this article, we review what for us are the best non-alcoholic beers on the market today. Of course, this is up to everyone. If you are interested, we also have this article about the benefits of non-alcoholic beer.

The best non-alcoholic beers

At The Blue Dolphin Store, alcohol-free drinks shop, we have such a hard time deciding which of our alcohol-free beers are the best, but these are certainly our favorites. In the end, you decide which is the best non-alcoholic beer. At the time of buying alcohol-free beers, we recommend reviewing the information as some non-alcoholic beers might have traces of alcohol, always below 1% ABV, of course.

Athletic Run Wild alcohol-free IPA beer

The ultimate non-alcoholic IPA is Athletic Run Wild. Perfectly balanced and brewed with Vienna B10 malt and a blend of 5 NorthWest hops. The mouth-filling bitterness and classic pine and citrus aromas blend perfectly with the complex malt profile. It is the most popular non-alcoholic IPA beer in the United States.

Clausthaler Original

The famous crystal clear golden blonde non-alcoholic beer Clausthaler Original is brewed according to the German method from the year 1516. The nose is fresh and sweet. In the mouth, it has a slight bitterness, with a hint of acidity but mild. Clausthaler non-alcoholic beer is an easy and delicious option if you want to buy non-alcoholic beer.

La Pirata Unchained IPA

The non-alcoholic craft beer that maintains the qualities and flavor of a classic IPA. From the first sip, this non-alcoholic La Pirata Unchained IPA beer shows a complete tasting experience despite having no alcohol.

Athletic Upside Dawn gluten-free alcohol-free beer

Don’t miss Athletic Upside Dawn, a balanced non-alcoholic and gluten-free beer. This Golden Ale is blonde and light, brewed with B10-certified Vienna Malt accompanied by English and American hops that add spice and citrus character. A non-alcoholic lager beer that does not disappoint.

Chouffe non-alcoholic Belgian beer

The famous Belgian brand Chouffe has an alcohol-free version and it is a success. This non-alcoholic beer, Belgian Ale style, is brewed following Belgian traditions with water, malt, hops and yeast. Alcohol-free Chouffe has a fruity aroma and a sweet malt flavour, with hints of spice and a slight bitterness on the finish. Delicious!

The most popular non-alcoholic beers

Our customers have answered the question “What is your favorite non-alcoholic beer?” and with their answers, we give you a small selection of the most popular options.

Athletic Brewing All Out non-alcoholic stout

Now you can enjoy an authentic non-alcoholic stout beer with all the flavor. Athletic Brewing All Out has notes of toasted nuts, plums, tobacco and coffee, finishing with a touch of semi-sweet chocolate. Perfect for stout lovers.

Thrive Peak Non-Alcoholic Recovery Beer

The non-alcoholic beer for athletes. Thrive Peak is ideal for the maintenance, growth and recovery of your muscles after exercise. It is an alcohol-free blonde beer that includes proteins for sports recovery. Healthy and refreshing.

Peroni 0.0

Peroni is one of the most famous Italian beer brands and its 0.0 version is a success all over the world. Peroni 0.0 is a blonde non-alcoholic beer, light and refreshing, without losing the essence of Peroni.

Clausthaler Dry Hopped

The German brand Clausthaler has its version of non-alcoholic toasted beer, which is very successful. Clausthaler Dry Hopped is brewed with premium Cascade hops, it has a hoppy body and flavour with hints of caramel malt. You will love its malted character.

Ekotrebol organic non-alcoholic beer

  • Ekotrebol alcohol-free beer organic

    Ekotrebol Bio – Alcohol Free Beer Organic

    Original price was: 2,42€.Current price is: 2,18€. IVA inc.

Ekotrebol organic non-alcoholic beer is refreshing and gently bitter. Made with 100% natural organic ingredients. It is undoubtedly a hit among lovers of organic drinks.

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