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Christmas is coming, a time for generous giving. This Christmas, give away non-alcoholic drinks. Be original and give a special gift that will make you look good in front of everyone, regardless of their tastes. What’s more, you might even introduce them to the world of non-alcoholic or very low-alcoholic drinks, a whole universe of pleasure and fun without any of the drawbacks of alcohol.

Fortunately, the taboo of non-alcoholic drink = kill joy is starting to be broken; it is understood that alcohol is not for every occasion and situation: if you are pregnant, if you have to drive, if you are taking medication, if you are following a low-calorie diet, if you are training for a marathon or if you are simply not in the mood.

If the drink is alcohol-free, there is no discussion

At The Blue Dolphin Store we bring you the latest non-alcoholic treats to help you succeed this festive season. To treat yourself or to give to your in-laws. Yes, they can be a pain in the eye, but not as much as when alcohol rules free. The 0.0 drinks are the perfect way to ensure that Christmas lunch doesn’t end up like the voyage of the Bounty, because alcohol and family don’t always mix well.

Give away the perfect gift this Christmas

Jokes apart, non-alcoholic drinks are the perfect gift not only for family and friends, but also as corporate gifts. Your customers can be teetotalers, for whatever the reason. You’ll never make the mistake of giving a great Malt to your lawyer and then it turns out she’s expecting a baby. Either she’s on anti-depressants or her religion forbids it or she just doesn’t like alcohol. There are infinite reasons why a person doesn’t drink alcohol, and sometimes we know very little about our clients or suppliers. Maybe they are vegan or vegetarian or gluten intolerant. At The Blue Dolphin Store we take all this into account, we can elaborate a personalised gift. You can tell us your tastes, preferences and budget here.

Maybe you want to make a gift to your employees. Giving alcohol as a gift can be very risky. You want those who work for you to feel part of a big family. It would be indelicate to give alcohol as a gift to a Muslim worker, or to someone with health problems. You can include a non-alcoholic distillate in your company hamper, or give a couple of bottles of non-alcoholic wine or 0.0 sparkling wine as a gift. Just as you consider a menu for vegetarians and coeliacs at your company dinner, have a non-alcoholic alternative ready for those employees who may be teetotalers.

And now that you’ve made yourself look like one of the tree wise men, let’s toast!

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