Barcelona / ​​October 5, 2020

A solidarity challenge

Sober October is a very widespread initiative in Anglo-Saxon countries that involves, in addition to abstinence, a charitable nature.

It is a challenge closely connected with the trend of well-being and healthy behavior. It’s a good excuse to temporarily stop drinking alcohol and stay sober. Hence Sober October.

This pun involves eliminating alcohol from your diet during the 31 days of the month and, generally, it can be associated with a charitable commitment.

It seems like it all started about a decade ago when Australian youth health organization Life Education raised money by creating the “OcSober” campaign. Later it appeared, Go Sober For October. This is a UK charity organization that raised £ 5 million in 2017 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Rules: Abstinence and Solidarity.

There are only two rules.

First, and most obviously, do not drink alcohol. You must stay sober during the month of October (31 days) although, without a doubt, everyone can set their own deadlines.

Some people also tend to take the opportunity to stop using drugs or other unhealthy habits such as consuming junk food or using social networks excessively.

The benefits to your health are obvious. Even if it’s only for a month, you’ll sleep better to begin with. Drinking alcohol results in poor quality sleep, and without adequate sleep all your behavior is affected.

In addition, on a nutritional level, your metabolism will appreciate it and its effects may manifest more in the long term since a 2018 study concluded that taking a month without alcohol could have a positive impact on health. The study found that the blood pressure and weight of the study subjects dropped and their insulin resistance (which can be a marker of diabetes) improved by 25%.

Help the others.

Second: take the opportunity to carry out some solidarity activity.

Macmillan Cancer Support is an English cancer aid organization that for years has been asking people to get involved in Sober October and stop drinking alcohol to raise funds to help people with cancer. All money raised goes to the fight against cancer in the UK.

We do not know of similar initiatives in Spain and, therefore, from The Blue Dolphin Store we are committed to publicizing this initiative and we encourage you to participate but, in any case, you can adapt your good intentions to the project that you like the most and allocate the money that you save on buying or consuming alcoholic beverages to the cultural, social or solidarity action that you like best.

It seems to us a very beneficial initiative, both for you and for society.

Finally, this challenge is an unbeatable opportunity to carry out any other healthy activity (such as exercising, starting a nutritional diet, carrying out cultural activities, etc.) and it can also be an ideal time to discover the world of dealcoholized drinks that you will find in our online store.

Even if it’s only for a month, you might find that there are a lot more things to do than go out drinking that are fun too. Go ahead and participate!

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