Galipette 0% – Non-Alcoholic Natural Cider

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Alcohol free cider Natural

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Galipette 0% is a natural non-alcoholic cider made 100% from natural apple juice. It intelligently gives you all the flavor of a great French cider, without any of the alcohol.

It has golden, clear, and sparkling in color, Galipette 0% has an unmistakable sweet and bittersweet French aroma, with a touch of acid. Also, it has roasted apple flavor and a rich, smooth mouthfeel. A premium semi-sweet non-alcoholic cider.

Galipette alcohol-free cider is gluten-free and vegan, contains no added sugar, colors, or preservatives, and is made with 100% French apples. The result is 100% pure juice cider. No alcohol and nothing added, simply natural flavor. Enjoy it as an alcohol-free aperitif.

  • Volume: 33 cl.
  • ABV: 0,18%
  • Producer: Galipette (France)


Galipette is a high-quality French non-alcoholic cider, produced in Brittany and Normandy, according to centuries-old traditions and made with only the best cider apples, harvested by hand. Galipette ciders are slowly fermented from 100% pure apple juice (no concentrate), for a naturally authentic result.

Select varieties of sweet and spicy apples grown in the orchards of Brittany and Normandy are used in production. Once its pure juice has been naturally combined, a brief fermentation, stopped by careful temperature control, takes place before the sugars are converted to alcohol.

Enjoy this refreshing non-alcoholic sparkling as much as you want without feeling guilty and explore its semi-sweet fruity flavor as an excellent complement to blue cheeses or ricotta and spinach ravioli.

Nutritional Information (per 100 ml)

  • Calories: 46 Kcal. ( 197 Kj.)
  • Protein: <0,5 g.
  • Carbohydrates: 11,5 g.
  • Sugar: 10 g.
  • Fat: <0,5 g.
  • Salt: 0,004 g.
  • Galipette non-alcoholic cider natural made in France

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